And so I begin again.

After getting so much positive feed back the last few months or so about my writing, I figured I may as well start blogging again. I’m new to the whole WordPress experience, so bear with me while I’m trying to work out the kinks as far as appearance and such. (Seems I need to work on my typing skills as well, since there have been about a billionty words with that little red squiggle line under them.)

This is probably going to be something that I update mostly from work. I mean, come on, I’m working 3rd shift. I need to have SOMETHING going on to keep me from drifting off and there’s only so much Bejeweled a person can play before the officially begin to lose it. And for the record? I done lost it LONG before my Bejeweled habit came around.

Currently, I am sitting at my desk, bitching to myself about not being able to stretch my legs out and trying to remember the names of bands that I want to listen to. It’s ok to hide your jealousy about my awesome and interesting life. I know y’all don’t want me to get all conceited about how everyone wishes they could be me.


Think that’s gonna be it for this one. Just wanted to throw something out there that could be read by whomever stumbles across this. And I’m not completely sure if it’s still there or not, but I wanted it to be something more than the stupid generic post they put up when you sign up for a blog on this site.

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