The one where I decide to piss and moan about the computer

Originally, this entry was going to about how bugs are always trying to kill me, but then, THEN!, my computer decided to give me the big Fuck You and make Mozilla crash.


This isn’t something new to me. Actually, I tend to wonder if I just get too much shit going for Mozilla to handle sometimes. When I think about it, that doesn’t make a lot of sense to me, though, cuzz you’d think that a browser with a large following  would be able to handle having at least 10 tabs open. Then again, maybe not. I really have no idea. The point is, you’d think that a browser worth a shit wouldn’t be crashing all the time.

I tend to think that it’s the computer I use at work, since that’s where this seems to occur the most. They set up a computer specifically for internet use for us so we don’t die of boredom. The system with the CAD and all that is completely separate (thankfully), so there shouldn’t be all that much on this computer to bog it down. That does not seem to be the case, though.

Back when this was first set up, I talked to our tech dude to see what he was planning on doing. Like, if we’d have blocks in place or some kind of “Net Nanny” thing that told on us if we happened across a site that we shouldn’t. (No, I actually wasn’t planning on going to sites like that at work. That’s just gross. Besides, with my Bejeweled addiction, I don’t have time for anything else. :-P) I also asked what type of stuff he was planning on putting on it. The computer that we had been using to dispatch from before we got the awesometastical CAD was pretty damned slow and that irritated the shit outta me. He told me that he had a bare bones system and that he’d be installing the normal office type crap on there – Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, NAEMD CE Training,  etc – and he assured me that there was no reason he could see that the computer would be slowed down by anything. That made me *SQUEE* with delight.

At first, it wasn’t slow. And nothing crashed. Ever. It was fucking glorious.

I don’t know what happened. According to the scans I’ve run, there isn’t a rogue virus infecting the thing just to piss me off. (If there were, I would have no doubt in my mind that the bugs and spiders created it to make me lose my mind.) Apparently, the computer just decided to get slow and mean.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not bitching cuzz the computer we’ve been given to use as an entertainment and training module isn’t up to my standards. Far from it. I’m actually very grateful that we have it. It just pisses me off when I sit down and write something (using valuable time that could be used to feed my Bejeweled addiction) and then watch it simply disappear after I’ve gotten about half way through.

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who gets pissed off about this kind of thing.

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