And I’m back to slacking again

This time, though, I have a really good reason.


We moved in last weekend. Then I went out into the woods with my dad and killed Bambi’s mom. I felt bad for about half a second when I looked at her up close, but thinking about the fact that I just provided my family with food for months made me ok with it. I mean, I know you don’t hear about people hunting with the sole purpose of providing food for their family these days (well, maybe I just don’t hear it too much), but that was the reason I went. After all, being that EMS is my chosen profession and I happen to be the only one working at the moment, anything I can do to make things a little easier money wise is a good thing.

Over all, this past week has been pretty fucking awesome. We moved into the new house, I killed a deer (only my 2nd time hunting, by the way), I got a raise at work AND Greg may have found work. It starts out as only seasonal, but I guess they wind up hiring most of their full-time people from the seasonal workers. Greg works his ass off and isn’t afraid to go above and beyond what’s required, so if he lands this seasonal work, I’m pretty sure he’ll wind up full-time. And even if he doesn’t, getting his foot in the door now and pulling in some money is still better than nothing.

So, back to why I’m slacking.

As I’ve said a few times before, we moved. Unfortunately, moving means no internet until we can get the people on the phone to do what they need to do or get them out to the house to do what they need to do. We’re not completely sure yet if they’ll need to come out and do anything to the lines or whatever, but hopefully we’ll be back online pretty quickly. I’m going a little loopy with out my Bejeweled fix at home. 😛

So, that’s pretty much it. We’re going to be getting our couch, bed and new(ish) fridge when I get out of work this morning, which is REALLY awesome considering we’ve been sleeping on the floor since we moved in. I’ve never felt so damned old in my life as I have this last week. Sleeping on the floor does NOT agree with me.

Hopefully, we’ll be online sometime this week. If not, then I’ll be slacking until I come back to work on Thanksgiving. Weeha!

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