The one where I ramble about why I’m not a good shopper

Yeah… So, I’m not really overflowing in the ideas department at the moment. Seems everyone and their brother is going out to brave the Black Friday crowds. I, however, am still at work, so no Black Friday shopping for me. Well, that and I don’t really have the money to be shopping for anything that isn’t related to my rent and/or paying for a way to get my shit out of storage (finally).

Ok, so I might have just lied a little. I will be braving the crowds when I get out of work, but I’m NOT going out to try to get an incredible deal on something. I’m going cuzz I happened to run out of contact solution last night and I haven’t been able to find the damned near full bottle I packed however many weeks ago.

I gotta be honest. I LOVE a good deal, but Black Friday shopping really kinda freaks me out. I remember going with my mom, grandma and aunts when I was a kid, but it was no where near as insane as it’s gotten over the years. It was fun, as I recall. Only the girls got to go and we’d head up to the outlet mall at like 0600 or something and just make a day out of it. We’d shop and then we’d go out for lunch/dinner. And even though I miss doing that, I’m glad we don’t anymore cuzz I know I wouldn’t make it through more than 5 minutes with out freaking out.

Here’s a bit of a newsflash – I HATE CROWDS.

Seriously. I won’t think twice about going to a sold out concert and even though the fact that it’s packed will bug me a little, it doesn’t get under my skin too much. Send me out into a crowded store, however, and I start flipping out. I will completely avoid aisles that I need to go down if I think they’re too crowded. And if I happen to wind up in an aisle that gets crowded? I will start looking for my nearest escape route while I grip whatever I have nearby, whether it’s a grocery cart or simply my purse strap. And I get panicky, too. It’s weird.

So, um, long story short? I’m guessing that Black Friday shopping is just never gonna be my cup of tea, no matter how good the deal is. If I didn’t need to keep my contacts hydrated, I would be completely avoiding any type of shopping ANYTHING today.

  1. That’s because sale shoppers are fucking scary.

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