In which thinking isn’t the same as doing

So, I’ve been slacking. Again. I had planned on being all productive and bloggy and what not during the two weeks I worked pretty much continuously, but then I didn’t. No real reason. I mean, I thought about it every night, but seems that simply thinking about something doesn’t mean that it’s going to magically happen. I keep trying to tell myself this every time I need to buy new clothes, but I still hold onto the glimmer of hope that if I think about dieting and exercising, I’ll magically be thinner. You’d think I”d have learned my lesson by now.


December is not my most favorite month in the world, so if I continue to slack this month, you’ll just have to forgive me. And no, it really doesn’t have anything to do with the holidays. Granted, Christmas has lost some of its magic since I so bravely ventured into the land of “Santa’s Helper”, but the holidays don’t bother me. They’re basically just another normal day to me cuzz I’m almost always working. December just pisses me off. Bad things seem to always happen in December and this year isn’t proving to be any different.

But enough about that.

I am not looking forward to my drive home in about 5 hours. It’s been spitting freezing rain for the last few hours and I don’t even want to imagine what the roads are going to be like. Add to the mix that I don’t have a snow scraper (I know, I know. I live in Michigan for fuck’s sake, how can I not have a snow scraper. Honestly? No clue. I know I had one at some point, but it seems to have been eaten by my car.) AND the heater seems to be wonky and you’ve got the recipe for an eventful morning drive that I don’t want any part of.


Have you ever had the pleasure of hearing your own voice as you’re speaking? I’m not talking about how you can hear yourself speak, but rather hearing yourself speak over something like a radio AS you’re speaking? See, I’ve heard myself on tape and shit many times, I am not particularly fond of my speaking voice, but whatever. One thing I absolutely hate is being able to hear myself while I’m dispatching over someone’s scanner and/or radio. It’s incredibly distracting for me and it pisses me off something fierce. Thankfully, it’s not something that happens all that often. I think most of my crews recognize certain looks I throw around and if they’re anywhere near where I happen to be while I’m giving a call to a crew, they know to turn down their radios for fear of getting me angry. (Ok, so they probably don’t fear me so much as they’re trying to make sure that I don’t fuck something up, but I like to think there could be fear there. It makes me feel powerful. Mwahaha!) Tonight, however, I have heard myself on two separate occasions, one of which I know was accidental. The other one? I’m not so sure about.

Tonight was the company Christmas party, so we had another company helping us cover our area so the crew on duty could go for a little bit. Not unusual, we utilize mutual aid a lot. For the Christmas party, though, the crews helping out come to our bases and hang out, rather than sitting in the parking lot. Well, the crew that came to the base I work at decided to hang out in the bat cave. Not a big deal, they knew to shut up when the phone rang and all that happy horse shit. What they didn’t know was how I feel about hearing myself while I’m giving a call. (Obviously, being that they never worked with me before, they weren’t gonna know.) When it happened, I made a comment about how much it irked me and there was some joking and ha-ha-ha-ing going on. The next time it happened, however, the Death Look© got tossed out there. Smart assed comments were made by both me and the crew, but it was resolved without any blood shed. This last time I know was completely accidental. My normal crew left their radio up in the entry way with their drug box and other happy ambulance things that shouldn’t be left out to freeze over night, and it would seem they forgot to turn it down after they left the party. How do I know it was an accident? It woke them up when I was giving another crew a call. Hehehe.

Damn, I am one exciting woman tonight. I bitched about December and hearing myself over the radio. No wonder y’all keep coming back! I’m a thrill a minute! 😛

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