In which I tell you about things that annoy me

So, I think it’s safe to assume that everyone has a long list of things that just irk the hell out them. Whether it’s listening to someone cracking their knuckles or having to pick up after someone who should be MORE THAN CAPABLE of picking up after themselves, there’s SOMETHING that annoys everyone on the planet. And if you try to tell me that you don’t get annoyed by anything? Well, I’m gonna tell you straight to your face that you’re full of shit and you owe me $1 for lying to me.

Sometimes I think that I might have a longer list of annoyances than most people. I’m not sure if that comes from having to deal with more shit than most people or if it’s just cuzz I’m bitchier than most people, but the fact remains that there are TONS of things that annoy me. Since I happen to be annoyed right this very second, I have decided to blog about it. It’s what I do now people.


I’ve been mildly annoyed all day cuzz I’ve been in more pain than normal. I don’t like hobbling around like a little old lady. Thankfully by the time I got to work tonight, I wasn’t hobbling as much as I had been earlier. Once I arrived at work, I became even more annoyed cuzz I realized that even though I said more than once that I needed to remember to bring food to work, I forgot. AGAIN. That meant that I would have to go 12 hours with out anything other than whatever I ate before I left. It’s not like I’m gonna wither away and die if I don’t eat for 12 hours, but it’s damn annoying to feel hunger pains due to no other reason that your own forgetfulness, ya know? It just happened to be my good luck that one of the guys working tonight had a shit ton of food left from what his wife brought up for him and he was willing to share. I had to overlook the fact that he had such bad gas that it actually drifted up and stunk up the bat cave, but I was cool with it cuzz his wife? PHENOMENAL cook.

So, things were going well for most of the shift. Got to watch some cartoons, play some Bejeweled and I got to send my crews on a few calls.  Everyone was happy.

Then I began to get annoyed all over again. See, I’m used to the computer at home moving faster than I can think, depending on whether I’ve taken my sleeping pills, so when I get to work and the computer that we’re allowed to play on the intarwebz with is slow, I get annoyed. (Even as I type, I’m getting pissy cuzz I’m typing faster than the words are showing up and when I make a mistake and have to hit backspace? I wind up hitting it too many times and deleting letters I don’t mean to.) I saw that my cousin had decided to make me her bitch in Bejeweled, so I was trying to defend my honor. The computer is in cahoots with my cousin, I think, cuzz it kept freezing for a second or two and completely screwing up my game. Which led to me becoming agitated. (Yes, I know that I am lucky to have a computer at work that I can screw around on and blahblahblah. Don’t lecture me.)

Can you tell I’m still a little keyed up?

In the next half hour or so, I’m sure I’m gonna get even more annoyed when I have to go around and do my little cleaning jobs. Normally, it doesn’t bother me at all to have to do the little chores that need done around the office. Except for the dishes. It doesn’t matter where I am or how good of a mood I’m in, if I have to wash dishes – especially by hand – I will instantly be annoyed and possibly pissed off. I’ve always hated washing dishes, there’s just no getting around that one. And it’s not like there’s a lot to do around here. Brew up coffee, wash the fucking dishes, change the garbage, vacuum and dust. Nothing that can’t be taken care of in about 15 minutes. I’m still hobbling around a bit, which is gonna slow me down and contribute a bit to the pain, so that’s what will be annoying me then. :-/

And all that is just the shit that’s annoyed me recently! I also get perturbed when people chew with their mouths open (which Greg and Alex do on the regular to see how long it takes before I shoot them the Death Look Of Death®)… Let me put this into list form. It’ll be easier that way.

Things That Annoy The Piss Outta Me

(I kinda want to sign it “by Jack Handy”.)

-People who get too close to me

-People who think it’s ok to touch me when they have no idea who I am

-When someone refuses to listen to me, regardless of how many times I tell them something or how much I dumb it down

-Not being able to pee without being interrupted (This one is more of a work thing now that my kidling is no longer a toddler)

-Having to repeat myself more than once

-Being tailgated

-Being behind someone who insists on driving under the speed limit

-People not flushing the toilet after every use (I actually used to get after Alex for this all the time until I realized that my Harley Jane had taught herself how to use the toilet. She was my cat. I have pictures.)

-Not being able to hear cuzz someone is either talking, has the sound up on the computer or some other noise making device, or is just being loud in general

-People that get after me for something that I’ve written sarcastically after I’ve explained that it was sarcasm/a joke/not to be taken seriously. You get 1 cuzz there’s no sarcasm font on the computer yet, but after I’ve told you what I meant, don’t come after me a second time. That’s a good way to get cut

-People who tell me that I have shitty taste in music. Just cuzz I like something that you don’t, don’t assume that I have shitty taste. Open your mind or, oh I don’t know, NOT SAY ANYTHING ABOUT MY TASTE IN MUSIC. Doesn’t seem like that’s a hard thing, but I must be wrong cuzz it happens ALL.THE.TIME.

I think I’m gonna stop there. I’m starting to get all full of The Attitude® and have noticed that I’m moving my head around while I type like I’m yelling at someone. That’s probably a sign that I need to quit. Besides, I have about 5 minutes before I need to start my hobbling and I’ve still gotta spell check this bitch. 😛

So tell me intarwebz, what gets under you skin? Ruffles your feathers? Makes you think that you might just be able to go on a stabbing spree and not feel all that bad about it? 😀

    • Jecca
    • January 4th, 2010

    Girl! Everything you just said is what I have to deal with on a daily basis living in my Apartment building! They are all old and have the TV up to the millionth power, Yell at me or don’t listen to me at all.. And I don’t even want to mention their driving skills at this point!

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