Karaoke Super Star

So, I’ve been sitting here at work, on what is normally one of my nights off, and I’m singing along with my MP3 player cuzz, really? What the hell else am I gonna do when I’m the only one awake? And I remembered being told one night that I wasn’t singing a song correctly when I was out with some friends singing karaoke.

A little back story might be in order here. Now, I will never claim to have any real vocal training beyond high school. I was involved in basic music classes throughout elementary and junior high and when I got to high school, I was asked to be part of the Choir, which was an invitation only kinda thing. Beyond that, I have stage experience through community theater programs. Pretty standard for not shelling out any money for training. Even with that minor experience, I know that I can carry a tune and unless I’m sick or really drunk, I pretty much can stay on key.

Back to my thought. Or whatever.

So this guy yelled up to me from the bar that I needed to drop mu voice lower and, honestly? It kinda pissed me off a little. I wasn’t drunk when this happened, so I know that I was singing just fine. The only difference? I was up an octave. I was still singing the song correctly, I just decided to use my singing voice as opposed to my Kill Your Mother Death Metal Growl®. (Just an FYI on that growl – I suck at it. A lot. Like, A LOT a lot. Not something I typically do in public.) Maybe the guy thought I was screwing the song up, who knows? I just find it comical that there is SO MUCH criticism in karaoke bars, where it’s pretty much a given that a majority of the people singing are completely tone-deaf.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been known to critique people. When my friend, Becky, does her warm up song, I’m always telling her she needs to sing a half-step higher. She usually works it out by the second verse and everything is fine. And I may or may not say that I can sing better than whomever is on the stage now and again. I might even go so far as to talk shit about someone who’s singing loudly enough for them to hear me and shoot me dirty looks as I’m staring at them, thinking that will get me to shut the hell up already, but really? Has just pissed me off and made me feel like kicking their ass for making eye contact. (Heh. Yeah… I was pretty wasted that night. I’m sure I could’ve kicked that chick’s ass if I needed to, but I really shouldn’t have been such an asshole. That one? COMPLETELY my bad.)

I’m curious to know if this is something that happens in karaoke bars all over the place or if it’s just a Flint thing. I can’t remember if I’ve ever sang karaoke any where OTHER than Flint, so I really don’t know. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if it is just something that happens around here, since there are a lot of hostile people inhabiting this area, but somehow I’m thinking that it’s not. Anyone care to share some insight?

The reason I’m so curious at the random hour is that my birthday is coming up (I think I may have mentioned that once or twice) and I typically end up at a karaoke bar so I can sing till my little heart’s content. Or as often as the karaoke dude will let me. So, tell me your stories. Anyone you know talk a lot of shit at these places? Are YOU one of the shit talkers? Has anyone ever yelled instructions up to the stage so you “sound better”?

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