In which I think I met my guardian angel

Today I figured that I’d have a helluva time driving home. I was completely prepared to deal with idiots driving in snow, trying to kill me cuzz they just can’t remember how to drive in tons of snow. I was not disappointed. It’s what happened when I got OUT of my car that has me so pissed off.

I’m still shaking. Not as badly, but still shaking, so you know what happened CANNOT be good.

I had to make a detour on my way home so I could get some gas money from my mommy. Yeah, I know. Almost 30 years old and my mom still makes sure I have gas money when I need it. I hate having to ask, but I’m glad that she can help me. It’s only part of what makes my mommy awesome. 🙂

So, I get the gas money and venture onto the expressway. I wasn’t looking forward to it, but I was tired of driving the back roads. It wasn’t that bad. I didn’t go over 55MPH, even though everyone else was passing me. I know what my car can and can’t handle and I don’t like to push it. Call me crazy, but actually getting to my destination with my car and myself intact are kinda top priority when I’m driving. When I got to my exit, I was pretty sure the guy behind me was gonna ass pack my car, which, again, I completely expected. I was glad that he didn’t and continued on my way to the gas station. I got my gas and went inside so I could pay for it. I was in a perfectly FINE mood. Not overly happy, not pissed off. Just F-I-N-E fine.

I got in line and was standing there for a minute or so along with everyone else. You know, doing what you’re supposed to do when there’s more than one person trying to pay for something. I think I was looking at some display or something cuzz what happened next, I completely did NOT see coming.

One second, I was standing there, minding my own business. The next I was literally hip checked to the ground.

Are you as shocked as I was and still kinda am?

My first thought was to get up off the ground. I wasn’t hurt, really, but I was shocked and kinda embarrassed. I’m not a small girl by any means, and it takes quite a bit of force to knock me on my ass when I’m sober. As I was getting up off the ground, I looked to see what or who had knocked me over. It was some dude, maybe a little bit taller than me, definitely my age or older. In other words, someone who should’ve known enough to either apologize for knocking me over or, oh I don’t know, maybe NOT have knocked me over to begin with.

I could understand if maybe he slipped. The floor was wet and people slip all the time. If that were the case, though, he wouldn’t have shot me a dirty look. The person behind me must have either been as shocked and angered as I was or seen the Death Look of Death® on my face cuzz when I stood up, there was immediately an arm across my chest, making sure that if I moved,I wouldn’t be doing so with out him.

Now, I’m glad that he held me back. Then, not so much.

The dude that knocked me over went to the other cashier before I could completely get my balance, so he was well out of my reach by the time the guy behind me put his arm in front of me. No one was saying anything and the cashiers were trying to ring everyone up and get people moving again. The dude who knocked me over acted like nothing had happened and was shooting the cashier a nasty look for, what I can only assume, was his distaste that she hadn’t already had him rang up and on his way.

This left me time to let him know exactly what I thought about his little stunt.

Hoe.Lee.Shit. I haven’t unleashed on someone like that in a long, LONG time. I think that even those of you who’ve seen me go full tilt on someone would’ve been a little surprised by how loud I was. I can’t remember everything that I said, but by the time the dude had paid for whatever he had to pay for, he literally ran out the door.

I kinda stood there for a minute, and then I stepped out of line to let everyone else through. I didn’t have anywhere to be at any certain time and I was PISSED. The guy behind me stood with me for a second and then got back in line. He kept glancing back at me, I assume to make sure I was ok, but I don’t really know. Even though he held me back and stepped out of line with me, he never said anything. While I saw other people standing there with their mouths open like they couldn’t believe what had happened, he was completely clam the entire time.

Had he not put his arm in front of me, I think I might’ve tried to kick that dude’s ass. And THAT, I’m pretty certain, would have landed me in jail.

Someone didn’t want me kicking that guy’s ass, though I’m sure I’m not the only one who thought he deserved it. I’m pretty sure I met my guardian angel today.

(You’ll have to excuse any spelling errors in this. The spell check isn’t working and I simply do not feel like putting this into Word to check it. Ok, so I can’t find Word on this computer and it’s entirely possible that I can’t find it cuzz it isn’t here. Either way, there will probably be tons of errors. Oops?)

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