In which people piss me off a bit

Recently, I’ve noticed that many of my Facebook friends have become fans of making drug testing mandatory for receiving food stamps. (Or they’ve joined a group about it. Something like that.) I kinda understand why they would feel drug testing would be a good thing. I mean, you’re supposed to pass a drug test to get a job (if that particular job decides to make that a requirement, at least) and if you’re applying to get help from the government to feed yourself and/or your family, you really shouldn’t be spending your money to get high. Totally agree. I decided that I wanted to see what was being posted before I decided whether or not to join the masses and let all The Facebook World® know that I wanted people to piss in a cup in order to qualify for government assistance.

After reading through the posts, I decided that I wanted to part of it. I had gone to this “group” or whatever, hoping to see people voicing their concern that people were spending their money on drugs instead of food for their kids and that was why they thought it was a good idea to do piss tests. Or something to that effect, anyway. What I saw instead, were people bitching about how they saw such-and-such type of person paying for their food with a Bridge Card (food stamp card) and then loading the food into a brand new Cadillac. Or they saw someone paying for their food with a Bridge Card and they were wearing nice clothes. I even saw people who were pissed off at what type of food was being purchased with welfare funds.

Here’s why I have an issue with this.

There is nothing anywhere that states you do not qualify for welfare if you have a nice car, nice clothes, etc. If you had a good paying job that allowed you to buy such things before you needed help, should you have to give them up cuzz you find yourself in a situation you didn’t think you’d wind up in? Case in point – Over the last couple of years, countless people have lost their income. People who worked at McDonald’s up to CEOs of fortune 500 companies. Should the person who had a good job have to sell their clothes simply cuzz they’ve lost their job? If someone owns a nice car (and by owns, I mean has paid it off or has a reasonable payment) and suddenly finds themselves unable to stretch their money to get enough groceries for a month be forced to get rid of their car cuzz some “hard-working American” feels like they should be able to have the car?

I’ve never understood how someone can decide that another person shouldn’t have something due to their perceived circumstance. I have a pretty difficult time paying my bills since the economy decided to take a shit. I lost a good paying job and my family lost 1 of the 2 sources of income that we had. However, I still have some of the nice things that were purchased prior to falling on such difficult times. Does that mean that I shouldn’t receive help if I need it? (Trust me, pawning things was not an option simply due to the pawn shops around me sucking hard-core.) I still have some nice looking clothes from when I could afford to shop for clothes. Since I can’t afford to do that anymore, does that mean I should dress in rags to make the people around me feel like I’m worthy of government assistance? My son’s grandparents buy his clothes for him since I can’t afford to and he gets some damned nice things from them. Should I not allow him to have them so that a “hard-working American” can decide that I’m allowed to use my Bridge Card?

Fuck that. Just cuzz you’re bothered by someone’s outside appearance does NOT mean that you should be able to dictate what they’re worthy of receiving. Do I think people should have to pass a drug test to receive government benefits? Yes and no. Yes, cuzz if you’re able to pass one for work, you should have no problem passing one to qualify for assistance. And, really? If you’ve got money to blow on drugs, you don’t need assistance. HOWEVER. (And that’s capitalized for a reason.) There needs to be documentation and laws put into place with regard to what is given to someone medically. Like, in Michigan, medicinal marijuana is legal now. As long as you have a valid prescription, you should be able to piss dirty and not have it affect you. The same goes for hardcore narcotics. As long as you have a VALID prescription, then nothing should happen to take benefits away for testing dirty. In this group that I referred to? They don’t seem to care if you’re on aspirin or dillaudid. If you test dirty for anything, you shouldn’t be able to get assistance. I don’t understand that. And it pisses me off simply for the fact that no one can know the entire story behind why anyone needs help for anything unless they actually ARE that person. No one seems to give a shit about that, though. Everyone knows what’s best for everybody else. I have to admit that I’m guilty of thinking I know what’s best for other people, too. I try not to be that way, but sometimes it just happens and I spout off with out really thinking too much about it. I’ve been trying to work on that, but no one is perfect.

I realize that not everyone in that group or who think drug testing should be mandatory are as close minded as some of the remarks I saw and I’m not stupid enough to think that everyone who receives assistance isn’t cheating the system. Far from it. Even if I had been that naïve at one point, damned near a decade of living where I do has brought me down to Earth. I just think that everyone needs to take a step back and think before they start spouting out that people must be drug addicts cuzz they appear to have nice things and have government assistance. For every person that’s out there purposefully fucking over the system, there’s a person who’s working their ass off and legitimately needs the help.

    • Steve Kimsel
    • January 28th, 2010

    I think, in all honesty, if you aren’t part of the solution, you are part of the problem. Posting and bitching about stuff doesn’t count as any part of the solution; quite the contrary. I am not particularly resolved to judge these people, as I have enough to keep my self occupied in my own life..If posters and complainers have enough energy to complain about something, maybe they should use this “rage” to hammer out a resolution to the “problem” they have judged these people to be….I like your take on this. Not everything is as it seems at first glance, and this judgmental bigotry has a way of turning around and kicking your ass…I have seen it happen and it ain’t purty….

    Play it safe and stick to knowing what’s best for you and yours..don’t judge lest you be judged (or something like that)..Nice blog, by the way!!!!!!

    (EDIT:”You” and “Yours” is a generalization and pertains to no one in particular)

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