Oh hiatus, how I loathe you

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know it’s been a while since I last posted anything. I’d apologize, but you don’t want sorry. You want reasons WHY. I know how you are, you information thirsty punks. I see right through you.

Sorry, though. You’re not gonna get reasons.

What you WILL get is me telling you that I’m going through some shit right now and I may or may not begin posting again on the regular. The things that are going down are not things that I care to discuss on a public forum, or any forum, really.

Now, with that said, I’d like to bitch a little bit about Facebook and it’s friend “suggestions”.

That has to be one of the MOST asinine features there is. Just cuzz 500 billionty of my friends happen to be friends with someone, that does NOT mean that I would like to be friends with that person. It also does not mean that I would like to see their name and picture every fucking time I log in. I got a suggestion that sent me reeling last night. No details on who it was, but it took me completely off guard. I clicked on the profile to see what I could see and the profile seems to have all the security features up and running, so I couldn’t see much. Just a picture.

That picture was more than enough to set me off.

Honestly, if Greg hadn’t been there, I don’t know how I would have reacted. I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t have been a good reaction and I probably would have wound up getting hurt while I was in mid freak out or something. So, thankfully he was there and I was able to simply get off the computer (though I did push the keyboard drawer thingie back into the desk pretty hard) and sit on the couch and shake and smoke. I’m not sure how long I shook, but I decided that chain-smoking was full of The Awesome.

I haven’t been able to get that “suggestion” out of my mind since. And every time I see that picture in my head, I wonder if that person is getting suggestions to add me, as well. Then I begin to wonder just how long it’s gonna be before I get a friend request from this person. After all, even though they knew I wanted nothing to do with them years ago, they still did everything they could to remind me they were there for quite some time.¬† Not that I would accept a request should it come, but if it does, I know I’m gonna lose my shit and that has me pretty freaked out, too.

I’m curious to know why Facebook decided that the suggestion was a feature they wanted to make mandatory. I mean, you can turn off other features, why not the suggestions? I figured out a way to get Facebook to stop using my e-mail contacts to make suggestions with, but the mutual friends suggestions don’t seem to have a turn off option. Did it never cross their minds that this feature would wind up suggesting friends to people who wish that suggestion were dead or worse? Did they not realize that at some point, someone would wind up getting a suggestion that could send them over the edge?

So, tell me intarwebs, have you ever gotten a friend suggestion from Facebook that has confused the shit out of you? Made you wonder how the hell Facebook knew that you knew of that person? Made you feel like going to the higher-ups at Facebook and asking that they pay for any and all psychiatric visits from that point forth?

    • Sass
    • January 29th, 2010

    Facebook once suggested me to become friends with a fella who violated me once. We had no mutual friends and I had never contacted this fella via email or any other internet-type means.

    Talk about PISSED.

    • Holy shit! No mutual friends or anything?! I think I’d have lost it. As it is, the suggestion I got has quite a few friends in common with me, which kinda freaks me out, but it is what it is, I guess.

      How the hell does Facebook know when you don’t meet the 2 main components for the suggestion?!

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