In which I have the crap scared out of me over something that probably doesn’t scare most people

Miss Squish has decided to sleep longer than usual this morning and I decided to take advantage of that by dinking around on the intarwebs. I’m pretty sure I was actually a bit productive as I found out what I want to get Greggles for his birthday in a few months, but we’ll just keep that to ourselves.


I was sitting here, minding my own business and playing some game on Facebook. I was pretty zoned into it cuzz it’s one of those find the shit in the picture kind of games. Kinda like Where’s Waldo, but without the little douche in the stripey shirt. So, I’m drinking some coffee with my face inches away from the computer screen, cuzz getting closer will make me find things quicker, and then I was suddenly staring at a black screen. This pretty much stopped my heart. I immediately thought that I blew up the computer, which would probably get me put to the curb (I tell Greg he’s gonna get put on the curb on the regular, so it’s ok if it happens just once to me). After I started to breath again, I realized that I was no longer listening to the window air conditioner or GMA. I also registered that the kitchen light was no longer on.

Fuck. The power was out.

Right away I started to try to figure out how I could see when I made a payment. I knew it had been recently, like within the last week or so, but I wasn’t sure if Consumer’s Energy (also known as GDE – Ginormous Douchebag Energy®) decided to register that I had given them money. Then I heard a loud BOOM! and the power came back on.

(Side note – I think that I wrote about this in here somewhere, but I am FAR too lazy to go looking through my past posts to make sure, but we pretty much get shut off notices exclusively from Consumer’s. When we first moved into this house, we had to get a stove, but couldn’t buy one right away. Thankfully, my ex-husband’s parents let us have one of the stoves they had used as a replacement when they would have to take a stove out of one of their rental places to fix it. We didn’t realize that the connection to the gas wasn’t big enough and that it was actually leaking gas for about a month and a half or so. Once we realized it, we would only turn the gas on when we absolutely needed to, but since it had been leaking for so long, we ended up with a $700-ish bill for one month. Kinda hard to pay something like that off when you bring in maybe $50 more than that a month and you kinda need to pay rent and other things in order to have a place to need to electricity and gas for. There was also an issue regarding the fact that our meter wasn’t read for a couple months, but that will be an entirely different post.)

Now that you have a little backstory, you can see why I automatically thought that I was going to be on my phone until my battery died, trying to prove that I did actually give Consumer’s roughly$300 just to keep my power my on this month. Once the power came back on and my heart began to beat again, I started to wonder what the BOOM! was. I’ve heard transformers (and possibly Decepticons) explode before and the BOOM! sounded like that, but the fact that the power came back on leads me to believe that that was not the cause. I’ve also heard similar noises when cars have decided to take out utility poles, but again, the power came back on.

I’m probably going to spend the rest of the day wondering what the hell made my power go out. My heartbeat is still a little fast, which makes me feel like I can move mountains right now, so I should probably take advantage of that before I crash and don’t want to get off my couch.


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