In which I do declare

So, I have decided that if this Planet Fitness place actually IS only $10 a month (or $20 if I want a couple of other perks), I am going to quit smoking so I can using what I would normally spend on cigarettes to pay for the membership. (Yeah, I spend between $20 and $30 a month on cigarettes, so it won’t be that difficult.) I want to go check this place out today, but I can’t get there yet, so I’m thinking tomorrow. The only thing that is going to hold me back is making sure I’ve got someone to watch the kids while I go. I mean, I’ll be going when Greg isn’t working, but when he gets home, he’s dog ass tired and I’d like to not feel guilty about leaving them with him to go work out. (No, he wouldn’t ever tell me he didn’t want to stay with the kids. I’m just trying to be nice and not run him completely into the ground.)

I know I’m only talking about it right now, but I’m really excited to get this under way and the sooner the better. I need to drop some weight before I go looking at wedding dresses, so starting now would be optimal. I’d like to get back to what I weighed before I had The Ginger, but that’s 10 years (and roughly 100 pounds) worth of baby fat to work off and I’m pretty sure it’s not that realistic. We don’t have a wedding date yet, but I highly doubt I’ll be able to drop 100 pounds easily. 20? Yeah, I can see that coming off ok, but not 100. I think 100 will be a longer term goal and will shoot for, like, 60 for a short term? I’m not really good at judging how easily it is to lose weight, but I think 60 should be a good number to work towards.

In other news, I am not fond of outside payroll places. There’s an issue right now with direct deposit that has actually been going for over a year now. I feel like I may have made some headway today, but we’ll see. The person I talked to said the issue was with the pay roll people themselves, and that very well may be. Thing is, she didn’t tell anyone what the issue was or that there even was an issue! That puts a lot of the blame on her as well. I mean, if she had let us know there was a problem and what it was, it could have been resolved a long time ago and I wouldn’t be having to make phone calls. I fucking HATE making phone calls. To anyone. For anything. I would much rather text. Unfortunately, that’s just not always an option.

There’s not much else really going on at the moment. We’ve had the air conditioning running, so I have no idea what’s going on with the neighbors. Keeping the windows closed means I don’t usually hear them carrying on in the street. Usually. There have been a few times in the past where I’ve been able to hear everything like it were happening in my living room. Not recently, though. I’m pretty sure that’s a good thing. I mean, it can be entertaining, but it’s also pretty stressful for me. Honestly? There have been times where I’ve been scared. Like the night Greg went to help his dad unpack a trailer and someone across the street threatened to go get his gun so he could “come back and fucking kill you!”. That freaked me out pretty badly. There was also the night when Greg went to go get cat litter and then couldn’t get home cuzz the police had barricaded the street. Seems there was a standoff between the police and one of the neighbors down the street. There’s nothing like feeding you baby, looking out the window you’re sitting next to and seeing 3 cops with their guns drawn and another cop with a rifle slowly creeping down the street. Ugh. I hope we can move soon.

And with that, I declare that I’m going to get off my ass, wash something (other than laundry) and figure out what to do about dinner. Ooo! Exciting. o_O

  1. For what its worth, Mike and I have been going to Planet Fitness for like two years almost and we like it a lot. Ours gives us free Pizza Papalis on the free pizza day which we are happy to partake in and make the whole workout session a waste.

    Hopefully it works out for you! Oh and I hope you can stand looking at ridiculous amounts of purple and yellow. If that’s cool, you’ll like Planet Fitness just fine imo.

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