In which I went adventuring

And by adventuring, I mean going into places that aren’t my house or the church. Or the bank. I honestly don’t usually leave the house unless it’s to go deposit Greg’s paycheck (cuzz his payroll people – or their people – are being douches about direct deposit for some reason) or to go to church. That seems kinda sad to me. I mean, there is SO.MUCH.SHIT. I could get done if I didn’t need to make sure I get myself and Miss Squish (and also The Ginger, now that school’s out) up in time to get the baby fed and everyone wearing some type of clothing. I’m usually good and just need to get some coffee in me. The Ginger, on the other hand, doesn’t like to use pajamas for sleeping. Neither does Greg for that matter. Guy thing? Probably.

So, yeah. I ventured out of the house on Wednesday to go to the church to discuss the annulment process that I have to go through. That actually didn’t take nearly as long as I was expecting. Seems to be pretty cut and dry. After that, I took Miss Squish to the store to get salad crap. Then, since we had some time to kill, we just went back to the house. Ooo! So exciting! 

But then! Then Bobbi texted me that she was done with the schooling! I loaded Miss Squish into the car and set out on my way. Now, typically, I can find shit downtown. Especially when it’s on the main road through downtown. This time, though, I drove right passed Bobbi and had to turn around. I figured I’d be ok, since I was basically just needing to go around the block. How mistaken I was. See, there’s a lot of one way streets downtown and I managed to get myself turned around. I found the street I needed and went on my way, figuring I’d be over to Bobbi in a minute or two.

I’m tooling along, listening to some metal cuzz that’s how I do, and I began to realize that I wasn’t seeing any of the school buildings. I thought maybe I had stumbled onto new student housing that had gone up. I figured I should probably turn around and started looking for a driveway or something when I realized where I was. I had somehow managed to get my ass down to the arts (?) area (that’s where the museum and the theater and that kind of things are). I went in the complete OPPOSITE direction. That’s when Bobbi decided to text me to see where the fuck I was. I’m sure she laughed loud enough to get weird looks.

So, I finally get Bobbi into the car and we go on our way to adventuring! Again, I thought I knew where I was going. This time, though, Bobbi also thought she knew where I was going, so it wasn’t just me. We’re going along down the road and we start to notice that it doesn’t look all that familiar. We were on a pretty main street, so I figured I’d come across a major intersection soon and could figure out where we were. And I did come to a main intersection. IN THE FUCKING HOOD. Now, I consider where I live to be The Ghetto. It’s a bit rough and tumble, but it’s nothing compared to The Hood. I figured I’d turn right and be able to find my way out relatively quickly. Bobbi saw this and said she thought I should go left. I figured, what the hell and turned left. Good thing, too, cuzz had I gone right like I wanted, I’d have taken us even deeper into The Hood. Like, deep into the north end part of The Hood.

Yes, I am full of awesome when it comes to driving directions. I can get a road crew where they need to go as long as I have a map in front of me, but when I’m driving? Well, not so much.

We figured out where we were and headed to our destination. See, Bobbi said she’d go check out that Planet Fitness place with me. I was gonna go when I went out the week before, but not only did I forget, but I am also a ginormous chicken shit when it comes to talking to people in places. I’ve always been kinda leery to talk to new people, but I used to be able to go into a store or something and be able to talk someone who works there without feeling like a complete asshole and clamming up. Since I’ve been holed up in the house, though, I’ve gotten to a point where I get really anxious when it comes to interacting with anyone I don’t know.


We get to the mall where Planet Fitness is and went inside. That’s when we realized that we couldn’t enter from inside the mall. Kinda weird, but I guess I can understand it. There’s only one check in desk and you don’t want some riffraff, such as myself, walking in and wandering around without a membership. We went outside and found the entrance and proceeded to get a tour and a sales pitch. And? I really want to join this gym. The only thing that I didn’t like was that they don’t like swearing, so I might have a problem. LOL  I just need to come up with the initial start up fee. I want the black (card?) membership and it’s more expensive to start that up, but I get to bring someone with me, for free, as many times as I want to. And be able to go to any Planet Fitness in the U.S. and use the massage chairs and tanning beds. I will NOT get into a tanning bed or hex, so that wasn’t a huge selling point, but the bringing a guest was.

After that, we went to Bobbi’s to wait until Greg let me know he was ready for me to pick him up from work. That is when we discovered that Miss Squish is not all that fond of dogs. And also where she proceeded to take the longest.shit.evAr.

And that ends my tale of adventuring. So exciting, I know. I also kind of adventured yesterday by going to a job interview. Let’s hope I nailed that shit. 🙂


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