In which I go a wobbling

♪Here I go a wobbling in my little house

Here I go a wobbling to step on the cat’s toy mouse♪

So, I’ve been trying to walk around more and more without my cane. It’s definitely been an adventure. I’m still kinda wobbly and I have to grab onto stuff to make sure I’m steady, but I’m moving faster. I don’t think I’m brave enough to go out in public without it yet, unless I have the stroller or something, but I’m trying to get there. Having to use a cane is a pain in the ass when I’m trying to carry a baby and a diaper bag or some other giant thing. It’s also become it’s own adventure. The rubber stopper thingie on the bottom decided to run away somewhere, so when I’m on a smooth surface, I have to be extra careful so I don’t bite it. If I could just get rid of the I’m-on-a-boat feeling, I know I’d be steady enough to walk like I used to. Hell, LOGICALLY I know I’m not solid ground, but feeling like I’m on a boat (mother fucker on a boat!) constantly makes me feel like I don’t have my footing. It’s a very annoying thing to have to deal with. At least I have the passing out under control, though I sometimes forget that I can’t just shoot up out of a chair and shit starts to go black on occasion. Haven’t passed out in over a year, though, so AWESOME!  😀

I had a job interview on Thursday that I’m waiting to hear back about. Hopefully, I’ll hear something when I call the temp agency later this morning. Cross your fingers, people, cuzz getting this job is probably going to be the only way I can help get my family out of The Ghetto. The plans we were making fell through, so now we’re back to square one. Since we need another bedroom, places are more expensive than what we’ve got now, even more so since I want to be able to feel like I can take the baby for a walk during the day. Send prayers, good thoughts, rattle some chicken bones, etc. so that I can land this job.

Summer vacation is in full swing now and so far, so good. Miss Squish isn’t too sure what to make of The Ginger being home all the time, so she hasn’t been sleeping as much as she used to. Well, that’s part of my theory anyway. She’s drooling and chewing on EVERYTHING, so I’m pretty sure teething has something to do with it as well. She decided to gnaw on my finger yesterday (which is not something we usually let her do, but I had just washed my hands and it amused her) and I thought I felt a new little bump on her bottom jaw in the front. If she cuts a tooth here in the next week or so, she’ll be right on track with The Ginger. He cut teeth around the same time.

Wow. Talking about teething. So exciting.

Today needs to be filled with some deep cleaning in hopes of finding Greg’s I.D. and the debit cards. We’re hoping they didn’t fall out of his pocket when he stopped to get sketti sauce yesterday. I called the grocery store this morning and they didn’t have anything turned in, but that doesn’t mean that someone didn’t come across them and keep them in hopes of scoring big. Ha! Sucks to be them if they think we actually have money. I also need to figure out what to make for dinner. There’s not really a lot of options. We’re out of a lot of stuff and actual grocery shopping is nothing more than a fond memory. I’m sure I’ll be able to figure out something with the random stuff we’ve got at the house, but it’s always a crap shoot when I decide to start experimenting in the kitchen. Greg is hella picky and I hate fixing something and having him turn his nose up at it and find something else. I’d much rather everyone eat the same dinner. I guess that’s kind of weird. I mean, as long as everyone eats, then what’s the big deal, ya know? It just seems wrong to me for some reason. And I always feel shitty when he comes home from work and has to make something for himself or wait for me to make him something different. He doesn’t ever do or say anything to make me feel shitty, but I know he works his ass off all day and just having to do that when he’s already tired at the end of the day just bothers me. Maybe once I’m working again I’ll feel differently. Meh.

Welp, I should probably get off my ass and try to accomplish something. I’m still hoping to be able to get the money up to join a gym. I need $57 total by June 30th to take advantage of a promotion that’s being offered by Planet Fitness. Not sure if I’ll be able to swing that yet or not. Damned consumer’s bill keeps getting higher and higher even though we’re using the same amount, if not less, than the month before. I don’t know how they expect people to keep paying the bill when it can increase $100 in a month. How the fuck can you budget for that kind of thing?! It makes no sense to me.

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