In which I eat a half a bag of fail

So, the shaving of Nala did not happen. I DID manage to get one of the giant mats cut out most of the way and Greg got most of another one, but there are still a bunch of smaller ones that we haven’t been able to get to. She no longer hisses at me when she sees me, so maybe she realized that I was trying to help her? *shrug* That calm down crap didn’t work on her, so I gave her .5 ml of Benadryl, which was interesting. Greg held her down while I got it into her mouth. She ran behind the computer monitor, KNOWING we wouldn’t try to get her back there, an proceeded to foam at the mouth (she’s ok). After she was done foaming and came out from behind the monitor, we figured she’d be calm enough to try again. WRONG. The Benadryl had zero effect. I’m not sure what we’re gonna do. Can’t really afford to take her to a groomer and I’d hate to have her tear someone else up. If the Benadryl didn’t have any effect, I’m not sure of what else we can use. A friend suggested Valium, but I don’t have any access to it, so I’ll have to figure out something else. Poor cat NEEDS to not have fur for a little while.

In other news, I’ve been a raging bitch the last few days. I feel bad for it, but I can’t help it. My teeth are fucking KILLING me. Well, a couple of them are. A few years ago, I manged to break a tooth eating lettuce of all things. I ended up getting a partial root canal a year or so later cuzz I had an exposed nerve. I’d have gotten a complete one, but I didn’t have a couple thousand dollars on hand. The dentist told me to get in there and get it completed and that she’d work out a payment plan with me so I could and I thought I’d be in there within a month to get it finished. Then a bunch of shit went down and I couldn’t afford to pay a couple hundred dollars a month in order for her to complete the job. I’ve been ok until a couple days ago. I’m not sure, but it feels like I may have cracked the work that she did. It’s either that, or the tooth behind it is fucked up now. THAT tooth had a filling in it until I got a piece of floss stuck up there. In my attempt to dislodge the floss (it was on one of those little handle thingies) I managed to pull out the filling.

I’ve been very lucky to not have had any problems until now. I rinse with Listerine 2-3 times daily cuzz I have a REALLY badly cracked molar on the other side of my mouth that I do not want to get infected. (So far, so good on that one, too)  Now, rinsing hurts. I still do it, but I’m close to tears every time I do, which is saying something. If Greg’s parents couldn’t tell that I was having contractions on our way to the hospital when Miss Squish decided to be born, this tooth pain bringing me so close tears should tell you how bad it’s gotten. My face is a little swollen on that, but not too much. I hope that I’m able to get in to see a dentist that is not only willing to work with me as far as payments go, but will also give me nitrice. I tend to cry uncontrollably whenever I go to the dentist for anything more than a cleaning. I blame that on needing to have a tooth pulled while I was pregnant with The Ginger. I wasn’t allowed to have ANYTHING for that, not even Novocaine. Hooray for dental anxiety! *sigh*

On the plus side, since I’m basically on a liquid diet now out of fear of killing my teeth, I should lose some weight! LOL

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