In which I’ve got nothing

Yeah… Not much exciting happening over here these days. That may not be such a bad thing, though, as excitement usually tends to mean drama. Although, there WAS just some weird noises coming from under the house. Makes me wonder if the skunk is hiding out under the porch again. Well, it probably isn’t the same skunk as last year, since I think that poor little dude was dying. He had a massive wound on his side when he was hanging around and I doubt he made it through the winter.

The next door neighbors have let Greg and I in on the drama happening at their place. I’m so glad I don’t have to worry about going through the same shit they are. I’m not going to divulge what’s happening over there, but suffice it to say that after hearing what they’re dealing with, I no longer feel bad about going off on the douchebag across the street last summer. In fact, I kinda wish it would have escalated to needing the police called out. Well, actually, no I don’t cuzz I doubt it would have helped anything. Meh.

In tooth news, I’m feeling better and can chew again. Greg’s mom brought over this liquid that I can’t remember the name of. All I know is that it’s supposed to be like tea tree oil, but stronger. She told me to soak a cotton ball with it and hold it between my cheek and tooth for a little bit and it would help. I was skeptical, but it really worked wonders! The pain let up enough within a few hours that I could touch the tooth with my tongue and not want to die. The next day, I could chew comfortably and now the swelling in my face is basically gone and I can even smile all the way again. That makes me glad cuzz for a couple days there I looked like I was stroking out.

Still waiting to hear about that job and the status of the annulment. Looks like phone calls and e-mails will be required today. Ugh. I’m hoping that the job people are just dragging their feet about letting the temp agency know whether or not I got the job. I’m not going to be thrilled if I’m not hearing anything cuzz I didn’t get it. From what I was told in the interview, I was the only one with any experience that they were interviewing. I’ve got a nasty feeling that my divulging why I was let go from my last job is hindering me. It’s not like I can’t tell them cuzz it was medically related. I mean, it wasn’t due to poor performance or anything of that nature (and I have a termination letter to prove it), but I think people are leery of it when I explain what happened. Yes, I very well could pass out again, but it’s been a year since I have and I have it under control now, but if I don’t say anything about it and I DO happen to pass out while I’m working, I could be fired for not telling them. Ugh. I don’t know. This shit is so frustrating.

At least I’m not needing to worry about the annulment too much. From what I understand, it’s simply a matter of time and not anything to do with the marriage itself. Being that we weren’t married in a church and nothing was ever approved (that’s not the word I want to use, but I can’t figure out any other way to put it) by a church, it’s pretty cut and dried. I’m a little concerned with the planning of the actual wedding itself, but I think that’s more due to money issues and actually getting things going than anything else. I’m not the type to flip my shit if the flowers aren’t the perfect color or if the table cloths are a specific length or something like that. Mainly, all I want is to look all pretty and girly and to FINALLY get married. We’ve been engaged for YEARS, let’s get this done already! Honestly, my biggest concern is being able to make sure that I can have extensions put in my hair and to have my nails done. Yeah, those are two minor things and if I can’t have my nails all girly, I won’t be heartbroken or whatever. But, if I can’t have extensions, I’m going to be concerned about how nasty thin my hair is and THAT will make me feel shitty. It won’t ruin my day by any means, but I’d like to be able to feel good about it. That probably doesn’t make much sense, but if you’re a chick whose hair is falling out, you’ll get it.

The Ginger is up north with his great grandma for the fourth and he has already called me three times yesterday (which happens to be the day he got there) to tell me how much fun he’s having. LOL I’m glad he’s getting to do something. If he’d have had to stay here, I’m sure he’d have been bored out of his skull and that just sucks. Thankfully, Miss Squish is still too little to really give a shit. Hell, she’ll be too little to really care for a couple years yet.

See? I’ve got nothing! Nothing to really write about. Well, I obviously wrote about SOMETHING, but nothing that’s really all that entertaining or that most people will care about. Even though EVERYONE should care. I mean, I AM full of awesome after all. 😛

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