Attempted Blog Revival in 3… 2… 1…

I was going to wait until next week to try this, as I’ll have a 2 week break from classes.  I decided to just start now, though, in hopes that writing for pleasure will give me the kick in the ass I need to actually write my last 2 papers of this term.  We’ll see how that goes.

As always, I’m living life on the boring side.  While it’s a decidedly drama-free existence, it makes for less than thrilling blogging fodder.  To demonstrate this, I present – 

   A brief overview of things that have happened in the last couple of months

~I made a cat shit on the floor.  Little Bitty was taking a nap and Mydna was losing her mind, which is a daily occurrence.  Every time the kids go to their rooms for nap time, Mydna runs around meowing like she’s never NOT been around kids.  Every day things like that tend to not get much attention from me.  I was not going to open the door to the room where Little Bitty sleeps (my bedroom) cuzz she has a tendency to wake up if someone even breathes in the same general vicinity and that was the room that Mydna chose to meow at that day.  She usually meows at The Ginger’s bedroom door or the back door, so the fact that she was meowing at a door did not raise any alarms.  When she was pacing back and forth between me and the bedroom, I told her that she’d get to go back there in a bit and that she could hold off laying on the bed until Little Bitty woke up.  It never crossed my mind that she was trying to tell me she needed to go to The Box, which is also in my bedroom.  After a few minutes of pacing and meowing, she stopped.  I figured that she had grown bored and moved on to some other cat activity.  Then I got a whiff of something.  And that something smelled like fresh shit.  When I got up to investigate, Mydna crouch-ran in front of me, glancing up at me as she did.  I looked over to where she had come from and I saw it – A fresh pile of cat shit.  I instantly felt horrible.  Mydna is one of those cats who must do cat things and shitting outside of The Box is something that she does not do.  I apologized to her and she promptly ran away from me.  She has since forgiven me for making her shit on the floor.

~This morning, Miss Squish was watching Daniel Tiger today and they were singing a song about how adults always come back when they leave so that Daniel Tiger wouldn’t be so upset that his parents were leaving him with a babysitter.  She walked over to me and sang along with the song, “Grown ups come back” and added her own little piece to the song, “Except when they don’t”.  The entire time, she was giving me The Death Glare.  Pretty sure she’s finalized her plans for my demise.  I’m convinced that she’s working with the cats on ways to take me out for good.

~I’ve been contemplating downloading that Couch 2 5K app I keep seeing people talking about.  I don’t have service on my cell phone, so hopefully it’s something that doesn’t need Wi-Fi or 4G to work properly.  I’ve also been planning an early morning exercise routine to start-up once I’m done with school at the end of this week.  I had a routine last year around this time, but once my husband got laid off for the season I stopped.  There’s something about exercising in front of people in my home that squicks me out.  If I go to a gym, I give zero fucks about it, but at home. AT HOME it’s a completely different story. 

That stuff up there is what falls into the exciting category these days.  Thinking about maybe exercising again, having my life threatened by my middle child, and making cats shit on the floor.  I am totally amazeballs, I know.

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